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Green Eyes and Makeup



powder (ombre brows) | $500

Powder brows are a more traditional method of cosmetic tattooing in which a tattoo machine is used. This very versatile technique creates eyebrows that look soft and natural, or more bold if preferred. More pigment is implanted than with microblading and touch ups are usually needed in 2 years. This technique is for those that want more of a soft powdery looking, filled brow. It is ideal for most skin types and ages.

powder brow touch up | $125

recommended 4-6 weeks after first session.

brow lamination | $60

In search of thicker, fuller brows? Brow Lamination creates the look of full, fluffy brows in one simple appointment by realigning the directional hair growth & enhancing the brow shape. Lamination adds fullness and volume, tames unruly hairs, fills in sparse areas, and creates a feathery, fluffy appearance!  It is a similar look to microblading without the commitment or blades! A semi-permanent technique, Brow Lamination is meant to last and keeps hairs in place for up to 6 weeks!

brow tint | $25 

brow wax | $18



Permanent Make Up

Pre and Post Care Instructions

Day 1:  

After the procedure, lightly cleanse brows with a mild soap and dry with Kleenex every two hours using gentle sweeping motions. Apply a rice grain size of Aquaphor ointment very gently each time immediately after cleansing. (It’s normal if your brows feel very dry, tight, and itchy.) Use a clean end of a Q-tip each time to apply the ointment.

Day 2 to 10: DO NOT WET BROWS in any way! Make sure to keep brows dry while showering (wash your hair last, keeping head tilted back so the water doesn’t run towards your brows.) Wash your face in the sink, using only a damp cloth to cleanse around the brows. Normal washing routine can be used on the lower half of your face from the eyes down.

NO EXCESSIVE SWEATING DURING THE FIRST 10 DAYS. This is to avoid an infection in the freshly tattooed area. Remember, sweat and dirt can accumulate around the brow hair, and you will not be able to wash the area properly. An infection can lead to scarring and poor color retention.
NO RUBBING, SCRATCHING, OR PICKING AT THE AREA. Try to sleep on your back as much as possible. Rubbing the brows on the pillow/sheets can lead to premature fallout of the scabs and poor color retention.


NO SUN EXPOSURE AND NO OTHER PRODUCTS ON THE BROWS FOR 10 DAYS. This includes makeup, oil, soaps, or any other products. Remember, you cannot wet the brows to properly clean them, so it is important to keep
the area very clean.



Congratulations! You have survived and now you are able to resume your normal cleansing/makeup routine. On day 11, wash your brows very gently with mild soap. You may continue to use the ointment if your brows feel dry or itchy. You may also apply makeup if needed. Remember, your brows will appear very light and patchy immediately after the scabs fall off. The color will continue to darken over the next few weeks. (See below.)

Note: Sometimes skin can take a bit longer to heal. If you are on day 11 and you feel your skin has not fully healed, continue aftercare for a few more days until you feel you can safely wash your brows. Remember, everyone’s skin is different.


Days 1-2: Brows will darken as scabs form over the newly created strokes. They will appear very dark and large. Don’t panic!
Days 2-10: The scabs will harden and fall off in chunks. The front and tails of the brows usually fall off first. Let the scabs fall off naturally. If the scabs aren’t loose DO NOT PULL THEM OFF.
Days 10-14: The brow strokes will look very light, and almost pasty. This is normal and the strokes will darken over time.
Day 15-30: The brows will continue to darken each week and will appear patchy at times. Again, this is normal. It takes about a month for the brows to fully heal. Any adjustments to the brows will be done at your 6-week follow up appointment, so don’t forget to book your appointment.
This timeline is typical, but not definite. If your brows take a little longer to heal, don’t worry. Everyone’s skin is different.

Maintenance: Clean and exfoliate the brow area once a week to keep your brows looking fresh. Remember, the strokes are underneath skin and if you let dead skin cells build up over the area, the strokes will appear dull and very light. Keeping the skin moisturized and using sunscreen protection daily is a must and will help the tattoo appear vibrant and dark.

what to expect

  • Complimentary Special Touches: Designed to renew and relax. Let us take care of you with a stress-relieving scalp massage, peppermint hot towel, and delicious hot coffee and tea! 

  • Transparent, Thorough Consultations: We will discuss your vision and goals and give you an honest professional recommendation on what’s achievable. We are here to answer all questions including price, upkeep, time, and steps to make it happen! 

  • Pricing Options: We offer several different price points to fit your beauty budget! Pricing is based on the service providers demand of time and experience. 

  • Feel Good: We know it can be intimidating to walk into a salon and spa. Be assured you will be greeted with a smile and offered a special gift and salon tour to help you feel right at home during your visit. 

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