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frequently asked questions

 I have never been airbrush tanned before, what should I expect?

airbrush tanning is accomplished by the application of a solution containing an active ingredient called dihydroxyacetone (“DHA”) to your skin. we like to compare it to “exposing an apple to oxygen and watching it turn brown.”

How long will my spray tan last?

approximately 7-10 days. spray tanning is achieved by tanning your skin’s first layer of dead skin cells. as your skin cells exfoliate that is when your tan will start to fade too!

I am going on vacation and I want to be tan for my trip, when should I schedule my spray tan?

1 or 2 days before, if you schedule your tan too far in advance than you will increase the chance of your tan fading.

How should I prepare for my appointment?

take care of any waxing or shaving 1 day before also be sure to have your manicure/pedicure done before your session! we recommend exfoliating and moisturizing your skin as much as possible leading up to your appointment. healthy skin tans best! however, do not wear lotion or make up to your appointment.


Can I get a spray tan if I am sunburnt or my skin is peeling?

no, unfortunately, if you are experiencing sunburn or peeling skin your tan may not develop evenly and for that reason we will refuse service.

 What should I bring to my appointment?

we recommend wearing dark, loose fitting clothes and your smile! 

What is the process like during my appointment?

get comfortable and show any skin you want tanned! men must wear underwear or a bathing suit. one of our expert airbrush technicians will use a technique to apply a gentle mist to your skin. it’s as simple as that! each appointment from start to finish will take about 30 minutes.


What should I expect after my appointment?

:for best results, we recommend not bathing, showering or engaging in activity that will cause you to perspire for at least 8 hours after your airbrush tan application. That also depends on whether you choose signature or express. exposure to excessive moisture during this time period may affect your results.


I've heard that airbrush tanning will leave me with an “orange/streaky” look, is this true? 

we've heard all those things before too! we pride ourselves on flawless, even natural looks and will deliver that to you! 

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